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Everlast Central Auckland Tattoo Services.


We offer a large range of Tattoo services including design. We have a set price agreed on prior to work commencing and no hourly charges, free touch ups within reason. Here are some but not limited to types of Tattoos body art we provide.

Tribal including Maori and Samoan, Traditional NZ, Pacific Island tattoo's, Fern Leafs, Silver Fern, Lettering and Fonts, Old School and Traditional tattoos, Grey wash, 3D Tattoos, Mandalla, Dragons, Oriental such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese and many more. Full colour, Black and white, Realistic, Portrates and coverups.

Face & Body Piercing

Here are some but not limited too Face and Body Piercing services we provide.

Tongue, Ear, Lip, Navel, Eyebrow, Nose, Helix, Septum, Nipple, Check, Medusa, Nez, Labret, Lowbret, and many more.

At Everlast we can design a custom made original tattoo even if you just have an idea of what you are looking for. While we prefer set bookings walk ins off the street are welcome too.